I’m an Attorney and want to draft IRA Trusts for my Clients.

We are pleased to make available to estate planning attorneys a very reasonable option for successfully implementing the IRA Inheritance Trust® strategy in one’s own estate planning practice and to be able to draft these trusts for clients.  We are pleased to bring you our…

IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package

ira-inheritance-trust-legal-document-formThrough The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. you can license our IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package.  This package comes complete with the following items:

Sample binder of the complete document assembled so you can see how Mr. Kavesh’s law firm packages and delivers this unique trust to his clients.  (Sample binder not as shown)

Data CD-ROM containing the following modifiable documents:

  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form (for both married and single clients)
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Beneficiary Designation Form
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Color Flow Chart
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Certification
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Disclosure Statement
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Planning Checklist & Intake Form
  • Special Needs Trust language for the IRA Inheritance Trust®
  • Amendments to the Revocable Living Trust Document (for the IRA Inheritance Trust®)
  • Trust Review Checklist and Other Ancillary Legal Documents
  • Table of Contents and other Manual inserts

Technical Training Module, including:

  • A 2.5 Hour Technical Training CD
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® FAQ’s
  • IRA Inheritance Trust® Guidelines for Use
  • Various Articles, PLRs & Resources
  • Sample Beneficiary Designation Forms & Custodian Hold Harmless Language

All of the legal document forms come in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you to be able to easily modify, edit and assemble (or add to your existing word processing software). NOTE: This is NOT a software program and there are no automated/macro-type functions with our forms. While drafted for Mr. Kavesh’s law firm based out of California, this strategy is based on federal law and has applicability to all states.


The IRA Inheritance Trust® is available for a reasonable one-time licensing fee of $2,195 (or 3 monthly payments of $762)*.  It must be purchased by a licensed estate planning attorney.  What’s great about our package is that there are no annual licensing fees, no membership fees, no pay-per-use fees, and we stand behind our product with a 100% satisfaction, 90-day money-back guarantee!


ira-trust-form-single-paymentof $2,195


3 Monthly Payments of $762



In addition to our IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package, we have a couple of other packages for professionals to use to help market and sell this trust strategy to clients and referral sources.  For more information about the IRA Trust Marketing Products that we have available, click here.

*NOTE: No shipping or handling applicable.  A 9% California sales tax fee will apply to all California purchasers.

2 thoughts on “I’m an Attorney and want to draft IRA Trusts for my Clients.

  1. Thank you for your questions. First, the legal document form has been updated as recently as 2015 and any important updates are usually modified and updated about every 2 to 3 years and are available to prior purchasers at a nominal cost (our last update was sold to prior purchasers for $495, and it was less than that for anyone that purchased within 6 months to a year). Again, for more information about the IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package, please see: http://ultimateestateplanner.com/products/ira-inheritance-trust-legal-document-form-technical-training-package/

    As for the marketing of the IRA Inheritance Trust®, I would strongly recommend that you either download the On-Demand Program entitled, “How to Market & Sell More IRA Beneficiary Trusts” (or participate in the upcoming newly revised program scheduled in February 2016). This program is one of three programs to a 3-part series on the IRA Inheritance Trust®. See: http://ultimateestateplanner.com/programs/what-you-need-to-know-about-ira-beneficiary-trusts/ If you don’t want the series, then you can also just get the marketing program by itself.

    As you will learn on this program, when it comes to marketing the IRA Inheritance Trust®, we strongly recommend networking with other referral sources (such as financial advisors) and utilizing CE programs that you host to meet these advisors and educate them about this trust. See: http://ultimateestateplanner.com/products/the-unique-and-little-known-ira-inheritance-trust-continuing-education-seminar-marketing-package/

    Then, for your own clients, prospects, and referral source’s clients, you can utilize a seminar intended for them to explain what the trust is and how it works. See: http://ultimateestateplanner.com/products/the-ira-inheritance-trust-seminar-marketing-package/

    I know that this is a lot of information being thrown at you at once. The great news is that we’ve combined ALL of these individual items into one discounted bundle package. Again, for a one-time licensing fee. See: http://ultimateestateplanner.com/products/the-ultimate-ira-beneficiary-trust-bundle-package/.

    I hope this helps!

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