How much does an IRA Trust cost?

how-much-does-an-ira-trust-costQ: I am a consumer looking to have an attorney draft an IRA Inheritance Trust® for me.  How much would this cost?

A: The cost to have a qualified legal attorney draft an IRA Inheritance Trust® can vary on a number of factors.  For example, some attorneys may package the drafting of an IRA Inheritance Trust® with other planning that they may do for a client, such as a Living Trust or Will, other advanced estate tax planning, etc.

When considering the costs versus the benefits and deciding on whether or not to get an IRA Inheritance Trust®, it is important for one to keep in mind the potential wealth-building benefits for one’s family.  Unlike a Living Trust, the IRA Inheritance Trust® has the potential to build one family’s wealth because of the IRA stretchout features.


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